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Spring Cleaning & Maintenance

The best way to keep your hardwood floors looking new is to allocate the proper care and maintenance throughout the year. First step may be to clean up some snow and salt stains remaining from the winter. This can be easily done by vacuuming with a brush or felt head, and then wiping down with our cleaner. As we move into the spring, most areas of the country are dealing with mud and dirt. You can clean these up easily by using our specially formulated hardwood floor cleaner with soft microfibre mop head. Our cleaner has been specifically created to eliminate streaking. Never wash your hardwood floors with a wet mop and water (or even a cleaner that contains water), as that can damage your hardwood floors in the long run. Similarly, using a steam mop, vinegar, waxes, oils or bleach on your hardwood floors is not recommended.

Scuffs from shoes or furniture can be easily removed by a white eraser. If your hardwood floors have minor scratches or dents, whether they are caused by children or your pets, these can be made to be less noticeable with the proper maintenance. Purchase our hardwood flooring touch-up kits which help to hide minor imperfections such as scratches or dents.They are available in all our standard colors, and can be matched to your hardwood floors. These touch-up kits include a stain marker, a fil-stik that hides dents, and a matching topcoat to seal the repair. You can find a list of our repair kits and all of our cleaning products at http://www.vintageflooring.com/ENG/maintenance/

Don't forget to protect your furniture legs to avoid dents and scratches by using felt pads, sliders or magic socks, ensuring no adhesive comes in direct contact with the floor.

All of these methods and maintenance tips will help keep your hardwood floors looking great all year long. 

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