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To receive your free cleaning kit, please fill out the following form online.
This form must be completed by the person who purchased the floor.
IMPORTANT: No handwritten or incomplete form will be accepted or processed.

To be eligible, products must be sold through an authorized Vintage dealer participating in the "Vintage Fall 2023 Promotion" and located in North America. All participating dealers are shown on the Vintage Website dealer locator.

Claims must be filled no later than February 12, 2024.
The consumer will receive the cleaning kit at the address confirmed, 2 to 4 weeks after the claim has been approved.

Consumer information

Vintage delivers only to valid addresses and does not deliver to post office boxes.

(ex: 444-222-3333)

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If you need further assistance, please contact us at : [email protected] or 1-877-256-0231.



Vintage Fall 2023 Promotion


Free cleaning kit with a minimum purchase of 300 sq.ft. of Vintage hardwood floors at an authorized Vintage dealer.


Flooring must be purchased between October 5 and November 18, 2023.

One cleaning kit per home address.

Claims and supporting documentation must completed online no later than: February 12, 2024.


North America.


This promotion is valid on all Vintage hardwood floors sales listed on the 2023 availability chart and on the website, regardless of species, color, or width.

The purchase needs to be a minimum of 300 sq. ft. of Vintage hardwood floors through an authorized dealer.

Accessory sales are not eligible. The promo does not apply to products that have not been paid for in full or returned. MIRAGE* prohibits the sale of its flooring via the internet. Therefore, claims resulting from internet sales are not eligible.


To be eligible, products must be sold through an authorized Vintage Dealer participating in the Vintage Fall 2023 Promo and located across North America. A participating dealer is identified as such on the Vintage Website Find a dealer tool during the promotion time frame.

The promotional event applies to residential sales only (retail sales). Cleaning kit will not be sent to a company name but to the homeowner who purchased the floor.


How to apply for the rebate claim:

  1. Customers must go to to find the claim form and fill it out.
  2. Consumers must attach a copy of the final invoice from a participating dealer to the form. Invoices must be dated between October 5 and November 18, 2023. The claimant's name and address must appear on the final invoice. The cleaning kit is not transferable. Sales quotes, debit card and credit card slips, and bank statements among others are not eligible and will be refused. Claims not backed by sufficient and complete billing information will be considered invalid.
  3. The claim form and supporting documentation must be completed online no later than: February 12, 2024. Claims dated later will be refused.


Upon receipt of the claim and documentation, the information will be reviewed to confirm eligibility. Incomplete claims will not be processed. To be eligible, delivery of the material must be completed within 12 weeks of the promotion end date.

The consumer will receive the cleaning kit at the address confirmed, 2 to 4 weeks after the claim has been approved. Please note that no cleaning kit will be sent until the Vintage Floors product for which the claim was filed has been shipped to the consumer.


For questions about the Vintage Fall 2023 Promo, call the Vintage product manufacturer at 1 877 256-0231 or email  .


* MIRAGE, our renewed corporate brand, embodies the quality and care found in our prestigious brands such as Mirage Hardwood Floors, Vintage Hardwood Floors, Ten Oaks and Parquets Alexandra. Our legal entity is called Boa-Franc G.P.

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